About us

Our company mission is to solve complex engineering problems related to the application of the specific knowledge set

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About Company

The company was founded in April 2014 by a group of like-minded engineers who have been working together since the 2000s and taking part in the largest oil and gas projects where international engineering experience was used. Our specialists were fortunate to participate in such innovative projects as Caspian Pipeline Consortium (the Russian section), Sakhalin-I, Sakhalin-II, Pre-development of the Kharyaga Field and Vankor Field (Vankor-Purpe) from the very initial stage of their development.

These are the projects of the 2000s that have produced the necessity to harmonize international standards with the requirements of Russian rules and regulations. As the result a number of innovative solutions has been developed and, as of today, has effectively taken up the role of standard practices on the piping systems construction facilities in Russian Federation.

Engineers who founded P2T Engineering LLC conduct their own scientific activities providing close relations with the research schools such as:

As P2T Engineering LLC is the partner of CPIPE software package authoring team, we also provide services in the areas of mathematical simulation of various processes and constructions as well as stress, stability and vibrations calculations.

For today the business areas of P2T Engineering LLC are the following:

  • Provide Customers with engineering support for front-end engineering and design from generation of design tasks and statements of work for survey, selection of Contractors, setting up of performance and quality Project systems, to acceptance of the survey, FEED and DD documentation
  • Engineering solutions for pipeline systems in the areas of geological hazards development starting from survey to operational monitoring (weak soil, permafrost soil, landslides, seismic zones, active tectonic faults)
  • Mathematical simulation of processes and calculations of structures. Stress, stability, and vibrations calculations
  • Support of CPIPE FE program (consulting, training, support) including providing assistance with calculations to the stress engineers