Development of conceptual solutions on the application of fiber-optic sensors for monitoring

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P2T Engineering LLC was involved in order to improve Customer’s promotion of the monitoring system that includes Customer support in the area of technical justification, looking for possible applications of "PIKeT" monitoring system at facilities of oil and gas pipeline transportation.

The goal of work was the evaluation of all possible "PIKeT" applications for the deformation analysis of pipelines and surrounding soil and the definition of the most promising fields for which the results of "PIKeT" application would be the most valuable. The following systems were considered:

●       PIKeT-DT. Pipeline deformation control. The system is designed to register the longitudinal deformations of fiber-optic sensors and to recalculate them into the values of tension/compression and bending strains of a pipeline. Based on the obtained results, the areas with the maximum deviation values are defined and the verification of conformity with the criteria is performed. This allows to generate emergency announcements automatically.

●       PIKeT-KG. Soil mass movement control. The system is designed to register the soil movements, that are determined by transverse displacement of fiber-optic sensors with the soil. Received data on extension (tension) of the sensors allows to obtain soil movement data in the real life. Based on these data the data array is formed for verification of conformity with predefined soil stability criteria. If the results exceed the criteria the system is informed automatically