Training to work with FE program CPIPE

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P2T Engineering LLC provide training of Client’s employees for theoretical basis in the field of pipeline strength, skill sets, and approaches required to work with CPIPE as well as methods of analysis of the calculation results and correction of design models.

A three-day course includes the following basic directions:
  1. Theoretical basis of pipeline stress calculations
  2. Applying Codes for producing a mathematical model and analysis of the results. Verification of a pipeline stress-strain state according to various Codes
  3. Introducing to CPIPE
  4. Generation of a mathematical model with the Preprocessor, calculation fulfillment and result analysis for linear portion of pipeline and piping
  5. Automation of mathematical model generation using scripts for linear pipeline (aboveground and underground) and piping
  6. Different approaches to generation of mathematical models
  7. Reviewing of User tasks