Calculation of a stress-strain state of a vertical tank 20000 m3 based on the results of laser scanning

The work objective is to calculate a stress-strain state and stability of a tank wall considering its local deviations from "ideal" tank. KHM-Project, a specialized subcontractor, was involved to perform these calculations. The mathematical modeling was carried out. Also, calculations were fulfilled using finite elements in the ANSYS program for geometric characteristics of a tank, provided by the Customer according to the results of laser scanning of an object, considering various ways of data processing based on the cloud of points of laser scanning and various ways to obtain a surface for a tank wall from this cloud.

Calculations are conducted for regimes of hydrostatic tests, product fillings, and for the worst combination of environmental loads and seismic loads. The stress-strain state of the tank wall was defined and verification for strength was conducted according to the Act "Series 03. Issue 69 "Safety Guidelines for Vertical Stock Cylindrical Steel Tanks for Oil and Oil Products", SP 16.13330.2011 (SNiP II-23-81* Revised edition) "Steel Constructions", STO SA 03-002-2009 "Design Guidelines for Steel Tanks"