Business areas

P2T Engineering LLC focuses on solving the challenges that the Customer might face, and which require involving specialists and experts in the various areas. Fields of work related to mathematical simulation are based on our collaboration with CPIPE authoring team as well as our own experience in design and stress, stability and vibration calculations

Engineering support for front-end engineering and design from generation of design tasks and statements of work for survey, selection of Contractors, setting up of performance and quality Project systems, to acceptance of the survey, FEED and DD documentation

P2T Engineering LLC collaborates with CPIPE authoring team developing FE program CPIPE that helps to perform calculations of pipelines using finite element method

Performing calculations for oil and gas facilities based on design models, as-built with consideration of the loading time-history

Structural calculations of stress, stability, vibration, thermal effect with modern commercial finite element software

Using innovative mathematical models for calculation and prediction of dangerous geological processes development and their influence on facilities