Landslide areas
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One of the directions P2T Engineering LLC specializes on is the fulfillment of computational and analytical activities for landslide areas. Due to close contacts with academia in universities and industry, P2T Engineering LLC involves leading geologists and geotechnicians. All specialists have long-term experience in solving tasks including the research of landslide slopes.

Basic tasks for mathematical modeling of landslides

  1. Determination of the position of a sliding surface with the minimum stability coefficient.
  2. Determination of the development of landslide process, evaluation of damage risk, and working on measures to minimize it.
  3. Quantitative assessment of how the changes of nature and technogenic factors of the development of landslide process (changes of stress parameters, level of ground water, value of seismic impact, strength of restraint constructions, etc.) affect on slope stability, determination of conditions and reasons of landslide processes getting activated.
  4. Optimization of soil slip protection measures.

Software tools for mathematical modeling of slope stability:

Mathematical modeling of slope stability can be performed using equilibrium limits and finite element methods in 2D and 3D modes with the certified software complex Rocsciеnce (Slide 7, Slide 3D (equilibrium limits methods), RS2 (finite element method)