Areas of active tectonic faults
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FEED works and computational modeling of a stress-strain state of pipelines at the intersections with the active tectonic faults are the fields of work where P2T Engineering LLC specialists have an extensive experience, acquired in projects and work implementation.

P2T Engineering LLC offers Customers the following set of services:

●       Formulation of the requirements for engineering survey in areas of active tectonic faults for different stages of pipeline design. Description of survey tasks and acceptance of the results, as well as involving leading experts in the field of seismology for qualitative assessment of kinematics (movements) and an activity rate of tectonic fault along the pipeline route;

●       Development of main design solutions of pipeline laying in areas of active tectonic faults including the selection of the optimized pipeline route in the area of intersection with the fault, the selection of pipes, determination of parameters of slight sloping trench and filling material, development of measures on draining and heat insulation of filling ground in the trench;

●       Justifying calculations of pipeline stress and integrity for the selected intersection angle of the active tectonic fault with the pipeline to ensure the adequate decisions on the selection of the route and optimal intersection angle, the pipe and backfill materials, determination of the trench construction and solutions for its heat insulation, etc. Modeling of mechanical and thermal interference of pipeline with backfill and undisturbed soil.

P2T Engineering LLC specialists took part in the following large projects:

- Tengiz-Novorossiysk oil pipeline "Caspian Pipeline Consortium"

- Russia-Turkey gas pipeline "Blue Stream"

- Trunk and infield pipelines "Sakhalin-I"

- Onshore pipelines "Sakhalin-II"

- Construction of additional technologic tunnel from "Grushovaya" oil base through the Markotkh range to "Sheskharis" oil base. Technologic pipelines.

- East Siberia — Pacific ocean pipeline system

- Local gas infrastructure development project based on Kovytkinskoye gas-condensate field

- Gas delivery for the Kamchatka Region. The first stage — gas delivery to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Delivery pipeline UKPG-2 of Nizhne-Kvakchinsk GCF - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky automated gas distribution station

- Gas handling system "Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok"

- Trunk pipeline "Power of Siberia"

More information about key aspects of engineering surveys, design works and computational modeling of pipelines at the intersection with active tectonic faults is available in the articles of P2T Engineering LLC specialists