Linear pipelines
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Calculation of linear pipeline is performed using specialized program CPIPE designed to calculate a stress-strain state of the pipeline with finite element method. P2T Engineering LLC is a partner of CPIPE authoring team so out company’s specialists are in close collaboration with CPIPE developers that helps our team to maintain high qualifications in the field of stress calculations using the finite element method. In coordination with CPIPE authors, P2T Engineering LLC specialists apply modern approaches to the generation of design models and analysis of the results, enabling to perform work of a high quality along with keeping to the objective deadline.

Calculations are performed for the following pipelines:

●       Underground pipelines for interaction of pipeline-soil system, considering surrounding soil characteristics, parameters of trench and backfill soil, the existence of ballast units, anchoring accessories, pipeline installation in a case, pipeline fittings, etc.

●       Aboveground pipelines for interaction with supports and other elements which restrict pipeline movements, considering siding supports (longitudinal, free-sliding supports, pipe saddle, and others), anchor supports, springs, pipeline fittings, docking places for equipment and so on.

If required, calculations might be performed considering difficult geological conditions for pipeline installation and their impact on underground pipelines and support elements (piles) of aboveground pipelines, including rainfall effect on the loose ground: boggy soil, permafrost ground at thawing, aqueous soil, and others.

Calculations are possible at the following stages:

●       Design of new underground and aboveground linear pipelines: justification of pipeline routing, laying method, etc. at the FEED stage, calculation at the DD stage;

●       Remaining life evaluation and justification of life extension for pipelines, piping, equipment, metal structures, based on the results of full-scale inspection;

●       The design works for major repair and renovation of underground and aboveground linear pipelines with partial or full relaying and pipe sections replacement