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P2T Engineering LLC provides stress calculations by the finite element method for pipelines, piping, metal structures and other site facilities elements of oil and gas industry.

Calculation of piping, pipelines, loads on equipment is performed using specialized FE program CPIPE designed to calculate a stress-strain state of the pipeline by the finite element method. P2T Engineering LLC is a partner of CPIPE authoring team, so our company’s specialists are in close collaboration with CPIPE developers, that helps our team to maintain high qualifications in the field of stress calculations by finite element method. In coordination with CPIPE authors, P2T Engineering LLC specialists apply modern approaches to the creation of mathematical models and analysis of the results, enabling to perform work of a high quality along with keeping to the objective deadline.

Calculations of metal structures are performed using specialized FE programs for civil calculations and industrial software complexes for finite element modeling of structures.

It is possible to consider the interaction of equipment, piping and support structures directly at a finite element model by setting all structural elements for the model, or to separately consider each element (pipelines, equipment, supports, and others) and set the values of loads for their interaction using boundary elements.

Calculations are required at following stages:

●       Design of new structures at the FEED and DD stages;
●       Remaining life evaluation and justification of life extension for pipelines, piping, equipment, metal structures based on the results of full-scale inspection;
●       The design works related to major repair and renovation of pipelines, piping, equipment, and metal structures