Structural dynamics
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Dynamic component of the construction load often defines the stable, resistant and long-term behavior of constructions and, especially, bearing in supports. Considering the existing development state of software and computer power, applying finite element approach allows not only to analyses free vibrations of constructions followed by detuning of unwanted frequencies and forms within a working range, but also to conduct direct studies of forced nonlinear vibrations under various external actions taking into account internal nonlinearity of the construction.

Dynamic calculations of constructions using a number of methods and approaches allow to take into consideration the following aspects:

●       Physical nonlinearity of materials: elastic-plastic parameters of metals with temperature taken into account, nonlinear mechanical parameters of nonmetallic materials;

●       Anisotropic behavior of metallic and composite materials;

●       Geometrical nonlinearity of construction and design model for stress and static stability analysis;

●       Contact interaction of parts.

The experience of P2T Engineering LLC employees, gained as a result of work on aviation engine at Central Institute of Aviation Motors names after P. I. Baranov, allows us to use the most modern approaches to the research of construction dynamics for the need of Customers.

The following calculations are performed during the research of construction dynamics:

●       Determination of free vibration frequencies and vibration modes of the constructions and their separate parts;

●       Solving of construction dynamics equations using direct methods;

●       Determination of a stress-strain state of constructions in different dynamic modes;

●       Dynamic stability research of vibrations of constructions depending on external factors and internal parameters of the dynamic system