Stress and stability
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Today the design of the most various items and constructions using modern finite element programs allows to improve their stress characteristics while optimizing material and production costs.

Stress and static stability calculations are based on calculations of a stress-strain state of an object (item or construction) under static and/or dynamic kinematic and force loads. The following characteristics might also be considered:

●       Physical nonlinearity of materials: elastic-plastic parameters of metals with temperature taken into account, nonlinear mechanical parameters of nonmetallic materials;

●       Anisotropic behavior of metallic and composite materials;

●       Geometrical nonlinearity of construction and design model for stress and static stability analysis;

●       Contact interaction of parts.

P2T Engineering LLC benefits from the broad experience of its employees, gained as a result of work on aviation topic at Central Institute of Aviation Motors names after P. I. Baranov and scientific research at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, to provide the required quality of implementation while fulfilling stress and stability calculations based on Customers’ tasks.

Based on finite element models of constructions the following calculations may be performed:

●       Calculations of a stress-strain state of constructions using axially symmetric, 2D and 3D models;

●       Estimation of static stress, cycle life, low-cycle fatigue, creep;

●       Determination of stress concentration and working on measures to minimize it;

●       Modeling of Technological Processes;

●       Calculations of limit states of the constructions until fracture