Engineering services
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The concept of "Engineering services" includes a wide range of activities. Engineering area covers the full spectrum of the front-end engineering design process (pre-design work, business case, survey, development of the FEED and DD documentation, itsreview and approval), consulting services, preparation, support, and operation of building construction, and others.

Engineering services include engineering consulting services related to preparation of manufacturing and sales processes for production (work results and services), preparation of construction and operation of industrial, infrastructural, agricultural facilities and others, pre-design and design services (preparation of business cases, design and engineering development, etc.).

P2T Engineering LLC offers its Clients cooperation in the following areas:

●  Development of the Project implementation plans, creating a Project management group and organization of basic processes including Project planning and technical document control.

●  Engineering support for front-end engineering and design: from generation of design tasks and statements of work for survey, selection of Contractors, setting up of performance and quality Project systems, to acceptance of the survey, FEED and DD documentation.

●  Process organization and support for FEED and DD development for pipeline systems in the areas of dangerous geological processes development starting from survey to operational monitoring (soft soil, permafrost soil, landslides, seismic zones, active tectonic faults)